• Big1
    Big Shot is a multiplayer minigame that can be purchased for 65,000 Battle Tokens.
  • The object is to use the moving ramp to launch your character across the level to the group of buildings, scoring anywhere from 25 to 200 points, depending on where you land.
  • The ramp's position determines what your trajectory will be, as in the downmost position will give you more of a horizontal, straight shot and in the upmost, you will gain more altitude, yet not as much distance.
  • There are UFOs placed randomly as well and they will explode on contact, causing your character to lose the round.
  • Press Up (up on directional pad or double tap left analog stick) Twice to dash
  • Hit Triangle after dashing while taking off the ramp and you'll get Super

Speed. Hit it again after you leave the ramp and it will turn off.

  • Some characters tend to have more control while airborne, while some seem to be at the mercy of physics.
  • A game of "King of the Hill" is employed in the event of a tie, where the players see who is quicker in knocking the other from the rooftop.
  • All abilities are locked with the exception of Dash and movement.

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