Historic Airfield Under Seige
Century Airfield

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Episode: It Came From The Skies (Stage 5)

Location: Century Airfield

Opponent: Raptros x 2

Enviornmental Weapons / Attacks:

  1. Dive-attack the two large planes for one indestructible fuselage each.
  2. Five smaller jets explode on contact, but do not catch fire like tankers.
  • Six parked fuel tankers and a fuel tank on North end of runway.
  • There is no interaction with the large aircraft that land and take off from the airfield.
  • All three air control towers are indestructible.
    Century Airfield Map

See Map Notes for further info.

Destruction of Century Airfield will yield between 4,000-7,000 Battle Tokens.


  • Century Airfield uses same music as Midtown Park.
  • The level's opening scene is a nod of sorts to the 1956 Toho film Rodan in which the two monsters attack the JSDF.
  • The three tall towers (control tower+some of main building, secondary control tower, and radio beacon) are indestructible.
    • This is the second map in the game to feature indestructible buildings; the other being Bay Town.

War of the Monsters
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