===Volcano Showing Signs of Life===
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An island resort nestled deep in a tropical climate, this is a favored destination spot for numerous vacationers. It offers plenty of sun, excellent customer service and a very good view of the volcano. Experts fear, however, that under the right conditions, the normally stable volcano may erupt.

Episode: Terror In Paradise (Stage 8)

Location: Club Caldera

Opponent: Magmo & Agamo

Enviornmental Weapons / Attacks

  1. Dive attack to cause fireballs to erupt.
  2. String of pickups remain airborne after bldg is leveled.
  3. Cruise ship can be broken into two indestructible pieces.
  4. Building falls into ocean after three downward strikes.
  • Two fuel tankers. One parked, one roaming.
  • Squadron of UFOs patrol the island, chipping away at your health until eliminated.

Destruction of Club Caldera will yield between 5,000-7,000 battle tokens.


  • Level based on tropical resort locales in the South Pacific such as Hawaii, the Polynesian Islands and South America, all of which have active volcanoes.
  • Caldera is taken from the Latin term caldaria for "cooking pot".
  • A Caldera volcano is the most extreme type of volcano known to man.
  • Volcano is a smaller, unlockable version of this level for multiplayer mode.
  • UFOs present in Adventure mode only.
  • Level unavailable in 1 Player Endurance and 2 Player Elimination modes.

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