Crush-O-Rama is a multiplayer minigame which can be unlocked for 85,000 Battle Tokens. The objective of Crush-O-Rama is to destroy as much of the small group of buildings before your opponent does. Whomever causes the greatest amount of destruction wins.


  • Stunning your opponent will buy you some time.
  • Specials, projectiles and grappling are the locked abilities for this minigame (this also includes flight).
  • Crush-O-Rama and Big Shot use the same music.
  • The font used for the minigame's logo is actually a the Godzilla font, used commonly for Godzilla movies.
  • The "city" used in Crush-O-Rama is arguably the smallest "arena" in the entire game (discluding the rooftop the player spawns on at the beginning of Big Shot).
    • Furthermore it is the only city which has no visibility blocked off by structures, so the city isn't blocked off and is in fact floating.
  • There are a total of 20 buildings, 6 billboards, 2 straight roads, 1 L junction and a single 100% energy power-up on the entire map.
  • Only 2 of these buildings have roofs which aren't flat.
  • There are no rooftop pickups.
  • A glitch can be triggered where - when the opposing monster is defeated in sudden death - taunting triggers the special double damage power-up. This also works on Big Shot and Dodgeball.
  • The minigame shares the same skybox and colour pallette as Big-Shot and some other cities in the game (E.G. Midtown Park).

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