Free-For-All mode is a gameplay option in the game, this will allow you to decide how many monsters (between 2-4) and who they are including your self to battle it out on any map you have unlocked

Monster SelectionEdit

This is where you decide what monster you would like to battle it out with. you may choose 1CPU Monster

2CPU Monsters

3CPU Monsters

The ten monsters you can choose between are:

1.Raptros (If Already unlocked)






7.Ultra V



10.Zorgulon (If Already unlocked)

You may use all of the monsters alternate skins


Their are three submodes:

Sudden Death- Where the first to die is the loser of the battle.

First to 2-10 wins- where the player chooses a number between 2 and ten and if they achieve that score by killing the enemy monster(s) that many times then they are the winners.

Unlimited Play- where it is an ongoing battle between the CPU(S) and the player

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