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This strip houses some of the best gambling in the world, with it's extravagant themed casinos constantly being joined by newer ones under construction. Crowds of tourists spend millions of dollars trying to beat the odds each year underneath the larger-than-life signs and flashing lights.

Episode: Revenge of Togera (Stage 2)

Location: Gambler's Gulch

Opponent: Togera, then Robo-47 with military.

Enviornmental Weapons / Attacks:

  1. Sword in courtyard can be disloged and used as melee weapon.
  2. Nefertiti head can be used as indestructible boulder.
  3. Ship can be broken into two indestructible pieces.
  4. Globe can only be rolled around level.
  5. This pickup remains airborne after bldg is leveled.
  • Three fuel tankers parked around level.
  • Dragon head on pagoda reacts like fuel tanker.

Destruction of Gambler's Gulch will yield between 6,000-8,000 Battle Tokens.

Robo-47 has brought military ground and air forces along for the battle, It seems the best strategy is to be near the cloaking powerup when Togera is defeated. The military won't open fire while you are cloaked, so you'll be able to step into the center of the formation and set off your close range special, which will eliminate the majority of them. Otherwise, they'll chip away at your health quickly. Those remaining after the blast can be hurled at Robo-47. The choppers can be dealt with one-on-one with projectiles.


  • This level was obviously based on the casino towns of Las Vegas and Reno, Nevada.
  • Robo-47's theme which plays after fighting Togera is the same music used in the scrapped Lake Powell map.
  • The minor powerups are all concentrated in the northern portion of the map.
  • The military forces are present in Adventure mode only.
  • Level unavailable in 2 Player Elimination mode.

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