Generators are weapons that can be found atop certain buildings in War of the Monsters.

They come in two purely aesthetic varieties. One of them is silver, and is made of two short, fat hexagonal prisms linked together. The other one is black, consisting of three tall, thin hexagonal prisms linked together.

They can be used to taze an enemy by pressing the square button, and thrown with the circle button. The taser knocks down monsters, and throwing stuns monsters and launches them in the air. It is recommended to use the taser first, as using it has no adverse effect on the throw.

Locations (under construction)Edit

Midtown ParkEdit

There are 3 generators on this map.

  • One is located on the modern, white tower that sinks into the ground when destroyed.
  • The other two are atop the buildings that fall over perpendicularly to the park (not going straight into the park)

Gambler's GulchEdit

There are 3 generators on this map.

  • One is on the east wing of the castle.
  • Another is behind the globe on the music building.
  • A third is on the building with a circus tent roof.

Metro CityEdit

There are 5 generators on this map.

  • Two are on different levels of the second-tallest building in the center (northwest).
  • One is on top of the northeast tower.
  • One is on the building that is hugging the corner of the railroad tracks just northeast from the center.
  • The last one is on the buildings just west of the tallest building in the center.

Bay TownEdit

  • The sole generator on this map is atop the tallest building (closest to the docks).

Club CalderaEdit

There are two generators on this map.

  • One is on top of the cylindrical building that falls into the ocean when destroyed.
  • The other is atop the second-to-the-left of the buildings hugging the volcano.


There are 3 generators on this map.

  • One is on the trapezoidal skyscraper in the map's center.
  • Another is on the rectangular tower just north of the first generator.
  • The third is on the buildings near the southern tip of the island.


There are 4 generators on this map.

  • One is just north of the central dome.
  • Another is just east of the southern pediment.
  • A third one is directly west of the southern dome.
  • The last generator is on the north half of the building, shortly west of the UFO.