Humans as depicted on the game cover.
Vital statistics
Title Humans
Gender Male/Female
Race Human
Faction Earth
Health Miniscule
Level Unknown
Status Unknown
Location Earth

Humans are the victims of the War of the monsters. They can be killed by the Lead Monster.


When Cerebulon attacked, the humans were victims; however they soon created a weapon to disable the UFO's while in air. This led the UFO's crash landing and spreading an alien substance which led to the outbreak of the monsters.


Military will attack on the following maps in Adventure mode.

In Revenge of Togera, the millitary tries to stop Togera with tanks and choppers but fails and later brings in Robo-47.

In Outpost X the millitary base has a few turrents along with Goliath-Prime

In Creeping Chaos the millitary brings Mecha-Congar to destory Preytor.

In Battle of the Titans the millitary attacks UFO's but are defeated.


  • Humans are not very important in story mode.
  • In The Creeping Chaos, the millitary brings in Mecha-Congar to destroy Preytor, but instead they work together to try to destroy the main monster.
  • You can kill most humans by stepping on them, in a minigame you win 5 points.
  • The military has an alliance with Robo-47 and Mecha-Congar.
  • It is unknown if Goliath-Prime is one of their weapons.
  • The humans depicted on the cover art of the game are taken directly from posters for 1950's monster movies.

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