WOTM Kineticlopses 1

A single Kineticlop, crawling out of a reactor.

WOTM Kineticlopses 2

Multiple Kineticlopses emerge and taunt the lead monster.

Atomic Island is the breeding ground for the Kineticlopses. They appear as the first opponents of Episode 6: Battle for Atomic Island.

They are very similar to the Mutant Ants in Rosdale Canyon in the fact that they attack in numbers, are rather weak, and serve as a prelude to the boss Vegon. They will spawn endlessly untl the player destroyes the cooling towers on the island.


Though they still lack a special attack, they are much stronger than the ants and have projectile and weapon use. Up to four will spawn out of the destructible cooling towers around the island. To stop them, the player must destroy these cooling towers but be careful, doing so will  reveal large electrical rods that can cause damage. The Kinecticlopses are very fast and will swarm the player quickly if not taken care of, but they aren't incredibly tough. When the cooling towers are destroyed, the Kineticlopses will die and Atomic Island will experience a nuclear meltdown, destroying the island and revealing Vegon.


  • It appears that the Kineticlopses are dependant on the electrical rods. Once the protective cooling towers are destroyed and the rods exposed, the Kinecticlopses will all suddenly die.
  • Kineticlopses are different from Kineticlops in a few ways, the most prominent being the weakness and lack of certain abilities.
  • They can only appear in the 1st costume.