• Congar - King Kong, Donkey Kong, George (Rampage series), Woo.
  • Togera - Godzilla, Geon, Lizzie (Rampage series).
  • Preytor - Kamacuras, the Deadly Mantis, Them!
  • Agamo - Easter Island statues, Tiki, Daimaijin
  • Zorgulon - Gezora, Martian, Alien, Mars Attacks, Metaluna Mutant
  • Magmo - Original monster.
  • Kineticlops - Original monster.
  • Vegon - Biollante, Audrey, Audrey II.
  • Goliath Prime - Optimus Prime, Enforcement Droid (Robocop).
  • Cerebulon - Gigan, Martian, Alien.
  • Raptros - King Ghidorah, Rodan.
  • Ultra V - Magnizer Z, Jet Jaguar, Ultraman, Zonefighter.
  • Robo-47 - Moguera, the Iron Giant, Shockwave.

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