As this game was never graced with a guide, and this wiki more or less serves as an online version, I chose to draw out some maps myself, using graph paper, pen, colored pencil, a T-square and some stencils They're a bit crude, but I had fun drawing them:)

  • The numbered squares are to point out triggers for enviornmental attacks or objects.
  • I consider the opposition's attack coming from a Northerly direction, in case you're wondering where I'm getting bearings from. At Midtown, Congar comes at you from the NW corner, savvy?
  • The triangle with "P1" is obviously the start point of player one in adventure mode.
  • The diamond is for the opponent's location at the start of the level.
  • For fuel tankers, (or items that behave in the same manner), and power generators, I chose to use yellow, like caution signs, with a "T" for tanker, "E" for electrocute and "F" for fuel, like the tank at the airfield. Gambler's Gulch was the first map I finished, and I screwed up there and marked everything with an "F", but, you get the idea;). Roaming tankers are unmarked on the map. Just the parked trucks got an icon.
  • For the cloaking powerups, I chose a black dot, as the icon is clear in the game and it's tough to replicate on paper.
  • If a pick-up has an "X" drawn through it, it means that it is concealed in a structure.

Club Caldera wound up being a very wide level, so I lost some beach, the outer dive crater and the +50 Energy are closer in, and the cruise ship too, but, you get the idea...

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