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"Studies Indicate Park Relieves Stress" -Global Observer News                    

This park is an oasis of green amid the traffic-filled downtown district of one of the busiest cities in the world. The trademark four-corner buildings stand guard over the little pool of natural serenity in an otherwise hectic city.

Episode: Day of the Colossus (Stage 1)

Location: Midtown Park

Opponent: Congar

Enviornmental Weapons / Attacks:

  • Four fuel tankers parked around outer perimeter of level, with two roaming.
  • Three skyscrapers in the level: Apcomm, (Congar start point), World Icon and Tes Bancorp all topple after one downward strike. (Each building. marked with arrows showing direction they fall.)
  • Helicopters are unarmed.
  • Destruction of Midtown Park will yield between 2,000-5,000 Battle Tokens.


  • Century Airfield uses the same level music as Midtown Park.
  • Level unavailable in 2 Player Elimination mode.
  • In another game done by Incognito, Twisted Metal: Black, Midtown was the area that it took place in, possibly serving as a reference to Twisted Metal: Black.
  • This level is based in New York, the same city when King Kong appears.

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