• Mini Bay Town is an unlockable level that can be purchased for 65,000 tokens.
  • Mini Bay Town is the one unlockable level that has original music, whereas Volcano, UFO & Capitol recycle the score from their respective levels in adventure mode. This is strange when you consider two levels have the same music in Adventure mode, (Midtown Park and Century Airfield.).
  • Though it shares the name of the larger level in adventure mode, there is no earthquake or pipes to trigger here.
  • Also, there is no bay at the bottom of the map, making fuel tankers more lethal.
  • Unlike Bay Town, all of the buildings here can be completely destroyed.
  • This is one of two levels that do not appear in Adventure Mode (The other being Volcano). This is likely because they are simply smaller versions of other levels, namely Bay Town and Club Caldera respectively.

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