I got a zip from a site that had hosted a link for someone who shared the music from the press kit disc last summer, but now I have the disc, so I will either post videos that have the music, or see if I can just put links to each track, or maybe just a zipfile for folks to grab.

Here be the tracks, me hearties!

  1. Midtown/Century Airfield Battle
  2. Mid/Air Neutral
  3. Gamblers Gulch Togera Battle
  4. Gamb Tog Neut
  5. Gulch Robo-47 Battle
  6. Gulch Robo Neut
  7. Rosdale Canyon Battle
  8. Canyon Neut
  9. Goliath-Prime/Vegon Boss Music
  10. Metro City Battle
  11. City Neut
  12. Atomic Island Battle
  13. Atom Isle Neut
  14. Bay Town Battle
  15. Bay Town Neut
  16. Club Caldera Battle
  17. Club Neut
  18. Tsunopolis Battle
  19. Tsun Neut
  20. UFO Battle
  21. UFO Neut
  22. Capitol
  23. Mini Bay Town Battle
  24. Mini Bay Neut
  25. Dodgeball
  26. Big Shot/Crush