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Preytor was once an ordinary praying mantis that had mutated due to exposure to the alien fuel by a scientist researching the effects of the fuel on normal animals. Preytor grew to a monstrous size and proceeded to devour the scientist and join the war of the monsters.
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Once a deadly carnivore in the insect world, Preytor has mutated into a savage monster as a result of an experiment gone awry. Armed with piercing apendages and an ability to regurgitate a parisitic life form, this flying monstrosity feeds on destruction.

- Game booklet

Preytor - Lightning fast mega mantis. Preytor isn't durable, but she's very, very quick, with super-fast combos, and ridiculously maneuverable-she can even fly.

- PSM #68 2/03

"Preytor is our huge mutant mantis", says Dylan Jobe, the producer of the game at Incog. "The one element that seperates Preytor from the rest of the monsters is her jump/flight ability. Although she isn't the best flyer in the game, she still can get around the level better than most monsters. Preytor's hand-to-hand style is very fast with an arsenal of blade strikes and slashes."

- Official U.S. Playstation Magazine #64 1/03


Preytor's long Range attack is a homing parasite that reaches a long distance and does low damage. She has average armor and her projectiles fire at a fast rate, dealing medium damage. She is a low-jumper and climbs at a medium pace. Her taunt is a swipe of her forelegs while standing on her hind legs and buzzing her wings.

Trivia Edit

Basic CombosEdit

  • Lightning Claw: L-L-L-L-L
  • Thorax Double Juggle: H-H-H-UH-DL-DL


  • Preytor skins
    Skin 1: Green from Stage 4/ Metro City (Default)
  • Skin 3: Mecha Mantis (30,000)
  • Skin 4: Queen Bee (60,000)

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