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Raptos Raptros
Monster Name Raptros
Base Unknown, Possible A Raptor
Sex Male
Debut It Came From The Skies
Special Attacks Flame Breath
Flame Repel Attack

Raptros is one of the unlockable monsters available to play as in War of the Monsters.


The Raptros is a dragon-like creature. It is bipedal and it's default skin is red. It's underbelly is tan and it's eyes are a glowing crimson. It has two slightly tattered wings, a horn on the tip of it's snout, and it's body is overall very raptor-like.



Nothing is known about Raptros as no origin was provided within the game or media. This ultimately makes them the most mysterious character in the entire game. The name "Raptros" -- as a opposed to "Dragos" -- hints that the character may have come from the bones of a long dead raptor like dinosaur, simply mutating into a dragon-like creature.

In GameEdit

The Raptros are encountered on the Fifth Level of adventure mode, It Came from the Skies where a pair of them attack an airport. Working in tandem, they attack the player, and the player must defeat both of them to progress.


Raptros' long range attack is fire breath that reaches a medium distance and does fair damage. Opponents remain on fire for a time after the attack has ended, dealing additional damage. It has average armor and it's projectiles fire at a medium rate, dealing medium damage. It is a low-jumper and climbs at a medium pace. It's taunt is a roar followed by standing up straight and spreading his wings fully.

Raptros proves to be the better flier than Preytor, as it uses less energy,
(about 20-23 wing flaps on a fully charged bar of energy before it's depleted.), and it larger wings appear to help him glide better as well.

Basic CombosEdit

  • Long Flight: H-H-H
  • Mad Dash: H-H-L
  • Dragon Flip: L-L-L-L
  • Tooth & Claw: L-L-L-H-H-H
  • Flaming Fists: H-L-H-L-H-L-H


  • Purchasing the first skin unlocks Raptros in adventure mode.
  • Development of Raptros was most likely drawn from a combination of Toho's dragon character King Ghidorah (aggressive behavior) , the flying reptile Rodan (having a mate) , or the traditional Dragon of legend and lore.
  • Raptros appears as a twin-attack in Stage 5 at Century Airfield.
  • At the start of the level in adventure mode, the twin Raptros are attacking Century Airfield, which is a nod to Toho's Rodan (1956) where the pair attack the JSDF.
  • Raptros' 4th costume may be inspired by a character from the canceled game, Primal Rage 2, known as Necrosan, the god of death, who also is a dragon with a exterior skeletal structure.
  • A possible origin provided by fans could be Raptros being a newly-discovered dinosaur skeleton , and after the UFOs hit, alien fuel drips down onto the skeleton and regrows it. This is often speculated due to the fourth skin being a plausible hint.
  • Raptros 2nd skin might be a reference to Spyro the dragon.


  • Skin 3: Green w/ Gold wings (15,000)
  • Skin 4: Skeleton (15,000)

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