: Terror In Space (Stage 10)

Location: UFO

Opponent: Zorgulon x 3

Enviornmental Weapons/ Attacks:

1. Upper and Lower levels have laser cannons guarding pickups, except for those on elevators.

2. Dotted lines represent walkway spanning upper level between elevators.

See Map Notes for further info.

Destruction of UFO will yield between 5,000-7,000 Battle Tokens.

Like Club Caldera, the upper level has squadron of UFOs on patrol. The UFOs and cannons are present in Adventure mode only.

Your character has been brought to the mothership of those responsible for the attacks on Earth. Here, you will do battle with three of the alien menace, as well as causing as much damage to the ship as you can. Once this has been achieved, you will once again board the saucer, which will jettison from the failing mothership, and begin an uneven descent back to Earth.

This is also an unlockable level that can be purchased for 105,000 Battle Tokens.

War of the Monsters
Locations Midtown Park | Gambler's Gulch | Rosdale Canyon | Metro City | Century Airfield | Atomic Island
Bay Town | Club Caldera | Tsunopolis | UFO | Capitol | Mini Bay Town | Volcano

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