Their origin is unknown, but their plan was clear: To dominate and destroy!

Men of science globally joined together to devise a weapon to cripple the alien armada. The EMP attack was successful in bringing them down, but a new catastrophe was on the horizon...

Upon falling to earth, the now disabled saucers were leaking toxic fuel from their damaged hulls, seeping into the earth and's vapors wafting into the very air!

Inexplicably, it was having adverse affect on animal, vegetable and mineral, as well as technology, both defunct and state-of-the-art!

In addition to towering, mutated beasts of all walks of life rampaging over the earth, it appears a second wave of alien ships have entered the fray...this could very well be the beginning of the end for mankind!

However, due to the actions of one of the monsters, the invasion force is annihilated, the mother ship is destroyed, and the alien leader, Cerebulon, is forced into hiding.

Overview Edit

Small UFOsEdit

The mainline UFOs in the game are rather small, but come in groups. The saucers can be more trouble to take down than helicopters; as they can instantly move from one location to a higher altitude to avoid collision with monsters. This forces the player to waste throwable weapons or projectile attacks on them. However, unlike helicopters, the UFOs don't slow you down when you collide with them. They are seen only on 3 maps in Adventure mode, and fightable on 2.

Bay Town: A group appears in the opening cutscene. They wreck a tank battalion before being destroyed themselves by two Robo-47 mechs, who then proceed to fight the player.

Club Caldera: A rather large swarm of UFOs will attack any monster until destroyed.

UFO: Naturally, there are smaller craft inside the mother ship. They, along with turrets, will attack the player character.

Zorgulon can call on a squadron of these craft as his long-range special attack.

Medium/Large UFO (Tsunopolis and Capitol)Edit

On Tsunopolis, the ship can generate a tsunami when a projectile is thrown at it. Monsters get electrocuted when thrown at it. After the two Ultra-Vs are defeated, it will whisk the player monster to the mother ship. When the mother ship is destroyed, Cerebulon evacuates using a larger vessel (spawn point at Capitol), while the player gently falls to the earth, landing softly next to an obelisk and a red fire engine on the Parliamentary Mall. Cerebulon's listing vessel smashes through various suburbs, but his destructive momentum is conveniently halted by the presence of a certain badass Player-controlled monster.

Turret (UFO)Edit

They guard the four alien "cities", the map's center, and each of the 100-strength powerups until destroyed.

UFOs and laser turrets cannot be used as improvised weapons by the player.