As you probably know, I was able to get a hold Mike Giam from SCEA, who helped make WotM. We have a couple quotes from him here on the wiki concerning the monsters, but new material is needed. So I asked him to answer a few questions with all the politeness I could muster. You would not BELIEVE how I freaked out when he replied! I mean, this is Mike Giam for goodness sake! But despite my excitement, I tried to maintain professional-ness. I think I faltered a bit, but I got some questions out there. Now, not the best questions. I was freaking out and didn't want to bother him, (because he is moving soon) so I cut the questions a bit short. I know, I'm sorry. But the answers are in the airwaves and I should be getting them whenever he has the time. Also, I got contact info for Dylan Jobe, Eric Simonich and Kellan Hatch. So let's just put on our patient faces and get along....

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