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    Maps and Dupes...

    April 3, 2018 by Tojoro

    A quick update here, folks may have noticed our image count has dropped, that would be me going through and deleting dupes that were superseded by a superior image.

    For example, way back in August of 2011, I got a bunch of mugshots, level pics, level posters and logos from someone who was the admin at a long-defunct fan site. In March of 2012, I acquired the press kit and proceeded to post all of that here as well, but I never went back to delete the lesser-quality pics. Maps have gone as well, I still need to go into each level page and adjust the grammar where any of the tips alluded to locations on the map. The article "Map Notes" has gone too. Some articles will be going away as well, though these are authored by other contributors, s… Read more >
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    Not Him Again!!

    February 12, 2018 by Tojoro

    Howdy, Kids!

    Been awhile, Eh? Lots of change in the real world since I last spoke up...least of which was turning 50. Been re-visiting pages around the wiki and see I need to do some screw tightening hither and yon, as there's some big gaps in text in articles where I've inserted images. Some images have been added that supersede what I added way back. Also gonna give my hand drawn maps the heave-ho as well...drew those for my game guide, thought I'd share them here, but they don't fit. Looking at the page list, I thought it'd be better if any articles I made about the press kit were all moved into the "Promotional Items" article, so the main list looks cleaner. 83 articles looks impressive until one realizes a lot is filler. While we cer… Read more >
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    Still here!

    September 8, 2014 by Tojoro

    Apologies for the absence...not much to add in terms of content, as I don't believe there's anything left, merchandise or media-wise.

    The new image I posted was a request from an anonymous contributor who was searching for info regarding the now defunct official site. I'm glad I got those screen shots when I did...the resolution isn't the best, but if not for those, we wouldn't have level images for Gambler's Gulch, UFO, Capitol, Mini Baytown, and Volcano here on the wikia. I still hold out hope that someday someone who worked on the game will visit us and upload/contribute better quality images of the above. I have been keeping a weather eye on contributions and edits folks have been making since my last blog here, (NINE MONTHS AGO!!), an… Read more >
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    Reportage: December 16, 2013

    December 16, 2013 by Tojoro

    Happy Holidays, fellow mutants!

    So, a few blogs back, I had shared a post from Dylan Jobe, in which he expressed his suprise and happiness over WotM not only celebrating a decade, but also being included as a "Classic" game on PSN.

    Yesterday, I recalled he had mentioned a name in the accompanying post for the level load posters.

    I took the liberty of googling the name "Owen Richardson".


    It appears Owen is the guy who did most, if not all, of the art, once a concept had been chosen. Judging by the work featured in the link below, I would say he did the individual mugshots and logos, the level pics, the series of images used for magazine covers and the promotional items, along with the posters.

    It'd be interesting to hear about his thought pr…

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    Reportage: October 26, 2013

    October 27, 2013 by Tojoro


     Possibly, we have reached the cross-roads, my mutated brethren...I found this wikia a couple of years back, when it had the basic framework for me to embellish with some files I had.

     These files were from a fellow who had managed the original fan page back in the day, that was long since defunct.

      I emailed him out of the blue, and he sent all he had.

      This data proved to be the source of my first contributions to this fine wikia.

     For those of us in class who have been following these boring ramblings from the old fart, the next contributions came from the press kit I got from an ebay seller in Portugal. Pal demo, minus poster. Maybe 95% of the media disc uploaded to this wikia.

     After that, the bug bit harder, and drove me …

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