• Tojoro

    Still here!

    September 8, 2014 by Tojoro

    Apologies for the absence...not much to add in terms of content, as I don't believe there's anything left, merchandise or media-wise.

    The new image I posted was a request from an anonymous contributor who was searching for info regarding the now defunct official site. I'm glad I got those screen shots when I did...the resolution isn't the best, but if not for those, we wouldn't have level images for Gambler's Gulch, UFO, Capitol, Mini Baytown, and Volcano here on the wikia. I still hold out hope that someday someone who worked on the game will visit us and upload/contribute better quality images of the above. I have been keeping a weather eye on contributions and edits folks have been making since my last blog here, (NINE MONTHS AGO!!), an… Read more >
  • Tojoro

    Reportage: December 16, 2013

    December 16, 2013 by Tojoro

    Happy Holidays, fellow mutants!

    So, a few blogs back, I had shared a post from Dylan Jobe, in which he expressed his suprise and happiness over WotM not only celebrating a decade, but also being included as a "Classic" game on PSN.

    Yesterday, I recalled he had mentioned a name in the accompanying post for the level load posters.

    I took the liberty of googling the name "Owen Richardson".


    It appears Owen is the guy who did most, if not all, of the art, once a concept had been chosen. Judging by the work featured in the link below, I would say he did the individual mugshots and logos, the level pics, the series of images used for magazine covers and the promotional items, along with the posters.

    It'd be interesting to hear about his thought pr…

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  • Tojoro

    Reportage: October 26, 2013

    October 27, 2013 by Tojoro


     Possibly, we have reached the cross-roads, my mutated brethren...I found this wikia a couple of years back, when it had the basic framework for me to embellish with some files I had.

     These files were from a fellow who had managed the original fan page back in the day, that was long since defunct.

      I emailed him out of the blue, and he sent all he had.

      This data proved to be the source of my first contributions to this fine wikia.

     For those of us in class who have been following these boring ramblings from the old fart, the next contributions came from the press kit I got from an ebay seller in Portugal. Pal demo, minus poster. Maybe 95% of the media disc uploaded to this wikia.

     After that, the bug bit harder, and drove me …

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  • Tojoro

    So, last July, Dylan Jobe made a post on the Playstation Blog concerning the release of WotM on PSN. He added some images to accompany the text. One of these images was a banner-style pic of most of the level posters.

    I was able to edit the image and upload higher-quality images of the level loading posters for  Century Airfield, UFO and Capitol!

    [1] Here is the link for his original post for folks to enjoy.

    Some may wonder what the big deal is...being an admin here, I strive to provide the best quality material for this page, as I feel the game warrants it.


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  • Tojoro

    Reportage: September 2013

    September 3, 2013 by Tojoro

    Been a little while, eh? This time the wait was a good thing, as I have been able to acquire, what I believe is, all of the North American gaming magazine coverage during 2002-03. If it was less than half a page, I didn't bother scanning, ie: most wanted games, top-ten games, ect.

    One of the last magazines I got was an issue of Tips and Tricks, that has a picture of Ultra V & Preytor I had never seen.

    Though a minor addition, I had taken screen-shots from the official game site before it was taken down. UFO and Capitol aside, there were short "articles" written for each level from the Global Observer News. I've included these blurbs at the top of each level page.

    Lastly, I have not given up trying to obtain missing/concept artwork. I have act…

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