*UPDATE 4/2/12*

So, for those wondering, I've pretty much posted everything there was on the media disc, and obviously, all can be found in the Press Kit Main page. All that remains is the soundtrack and some copy in Word docs in English, Spanish, French, Italian & German, which I will post for the completists.

This was also the idea behind posting all of the pics that are already here. These all seem to have the maximum size and quality than anything else on the web, so when I'm feeling ambitious, I will replace all the pics that have a better twin.

There are also a bunch of image files that open in Quicktime. They aren't movies, but rather still images that you can move 360 degrees around. As soon as I figure out how to put them here whole, I will give you cats a shout...they're pretty cool.

What to do with the music files? Links to YT vids? I can make my own easy...I understand there are many YT vids with the game music, but these are files directly from Incog, and some may want that option.

Enjoy all of the new good poop...I'll await some helpful replies, then get the remeinder of media up.

Got a better vidcam over the holidays...I am considering shooting the in-game cinematics, then posting here, now that video is an option.

Enjoy, freaks! ~T.

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