UPDATE: 4/17/12

Still tweaking and (hopefully) improving this Wikia. I found a really neat true text "Misfits" font that I've used to create headings on the main page, which is why there are next to no category headings there as of now. I had meant to get these new ones up quicker, but life also continues away from the keyboard. Sorry I left it looking a bit messy.

I may incorporate that method into the rest of the wikia, if I can get it to fly right.

I will do my best to keep this place as neat as possible while I shift stuff around. If you notice the image count descending, that is just me removing some duplicates of my own. A lot of the images I posted last August have been superceded in quality by the press kit files in size and quality.

Not knocking what I had, my gratitude is large for Claw from Gamefaqs for sharing all he did, it certainly helped give a much needed boost to the framework that was here.

Someone asked a while back about a Fanfic section, well nobody stepped up as far as I can tell, so I'll kick it off and the rest of you can take it from there. This way, if someone wants to build on a character's story, or create origins for the two Mystery Dates, make up new characters and games they are welcome to have at here.

How about the addition of the image slider and game trailer up on the main? Fun stuff. I'm hoping that slider feature will eventually allow more than four pics to be loaded. Looks great, though, except for the alignment, but that'll get the screws tightened too.

Just wanted to keep you folks updated as to what I had going on here in the mad lab! It's a hot stove for sure!

Keep 'em peeled, whilst I continue the mutant shuffle out here in the void...


For the Powers That Be: I have been failing to give reasons when I edit, but I've been in and out of edit on pages so frequently, I didn't want to get redundant. When I calm down on the contributions, my actions will be more defined. Just wanted to explain myself and not appear as though I was shirking my duties/responsibilities as Admin.

Thanks again for the patience, people.

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