Happy Holidays, fellow mutants!

So, a few blogs back, I had shared a post from Dylan Jobe, in which he expressed his suprise and happiness over WotM not only celebrating a decade, but also being included as a "Classic" game on PSN.

Yesterday, I recalled he had mentioned a name in the accompanying post for the level load posters.

I took the liberty of googling the name "Owen Richardson".


It appears Owen is the guy who did most, if not all, of the art, once a concept had been chosen. Judging by the work featured in the link below, I would say he did the individual mugshots and logos, the level pics, the series of images used for magazine covers and the promotional items, along with the posters.

It'd be interesting to hear about his thought process. He has an obvious soft-spot for the film posters from the "Golden Age" of Horror/Sci-Fi.

Everybody say "Thanks Owen!", as he just inadvertantly contributed to the wikia via some of the pics in the link below.


I then chose to put "Incog" after Owen's name in the search field, Google immediately filled in "Incognito", so, I went with it.

Within the first row of images, I got Zorgulon and Cerebulon right away! When I visited that page it was an online portfolio for a David Wright, who had modeled all ten characters, plus the bosses!

David was the lead of the 3D Graphic Art team.

Feast your naked steaming eyes on these:

I suppose one could literally go through the credits page of the game booklet and look up any of these guys,and see what they used from the games for their own individual portfolios.

This far on and we're still finding cool stuff!

I'm taking a page out of MO's book, and attempting to think outside the box in finding stuff.

Cereb, you mind maybe reaching out to Owen to see if he'd like an interview/ get his approval/ see what else lurks on his hard drive??

Lastly, I got yet another 2-sided game shop poster recently that I need to photograph and upload.

Keep it safe and enjoy yourselves as 2013 winds down, freaks! :)

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