Been a little while, eh? This time the wait was a good thing, as I have been able to acquire, what I believe is, all of the North American gaming magazine coverage during 2002-03. If it was less than half a page, I didn't bother scanning, ie: most wanted games, top-ten games, ect.

One of the last magazines I got was an issue of Tips and Tricks, that has a picture of Ultra V & Preytor I had never seen.

Though a minor addition, I had taken screen-shots from the official game site before it was taken down. UFO and Capitol aside, there were short "articles" written for each level from the Global Observer News. I've included these blurbs at the top of each level page.

Lastly, I have not given up trying to obtain missing/concept artwork. I have actually contacted Mr. Kellan Hatch, who was the guy in charge of the artistic aspects of the game. Fingers crossed....


Tips & Tricks #97 Cover



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