Apologies for the absence...not much to add in terms of content, as I don't believe there's anything left, merchandise or media-wise.

The new image I posted was a request from an anonymous contributor who was searching for info regarding the now defunct official site.
I'm glad I got those screen shots when I did...the resolution isn't the best, but if not for those, we wouldn't have level images for Gambler's Gulch, UFO, Capitol, Mini Baytown, and Volcano here on the wikia.
I still hold out hope that someday someone who worked on the game will visit us and upload/contribute better quality images of the above.
I have been keeping a weather eye on contributions and edits folks have been making since my last blog here, (NINE MONTHS AGO!!), and I promise I'll be stopping back by once life settles down with the onset of Winter.
Behave, kids!<
Tojoro (talk) 17:11, September 8, 2014 (UTC)

Official Game Site Screen Shot

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