UPDATE: 4/19/12

So, the custom category headings on the front page still need fixing. The "Monsters" one is the correct size I think. I added a black border to it like the mugshots. Everything else will match that.

Spent yesterday ripping down/putting up 32' of stockade fence, and I am junk today. In dismantling the fence I had to do battle with a monstrous growth of Poison Ivy, which was completely interwoven through 16' of the old fence. I had cut all of the major root bunches last Sept. and left it to die over the winter. This beast has nasty roots that spread in every direction and had four nasty root heads that fed the damned thing.

Seriously, all I could think of was big green and ugly from the ruins of Atomic Island!:)

At least it didn't spit at me...

At any rate, I'll be back on to play tomorrow, I have an Admin webinar here in the afternoon, so I may spend the morning doing the page tweak.

Came up with some killer ideas in terms of graphics for those in'll see what I mean.

Where are you guys?

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