UPDATE: 4/12/12

Nothing major, really, just happened to be looking for something else, when I happened across a high-quality (466x466) image of Zorgulon. Not sure why this particular image hadn't shown up before, as it was attatched to a forum post from 2005.

At any rate, I'm happy that all ten of the main monsters now have the best quality images for their respective mugshots. Not to knock what was already there...with this game, we take what we can get!.

Hope folks are digging the tweaks to the front page. I manipulated the mugs and levels on the main page via MS Powerpoint., (which also gave me the opportunity to enhance some of the lower-quality level pics), as I wanted the front page media to look a bit different from the other pages.

Having a lot of fun doing this, and learning a bunch as I go...good stuff!


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